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THP Podcast – Guide to the Guilds (Engineers)

In this episode of The Heroic Play Podcast Mark, Rich & Luke discuss the Big League we are currently playing in.  We talk a bit about the new community event, Union in Chains. Then we carry on with our Guide to the Guilds, focusing on Engineers.  As an added bonus, there are some interviews from our event The Heroic Hoe Down at Young’s Hobbies in Coventy.

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Getting Started

This article is designed to provide some helpful pointers and tips for players just getting into the game.  If you already know what you’re doing in the game, some of this will probaly seem quite basic.  I’ll move onto more in depth articles down the line.

Read your cards

Sounds simple but re-reading the cards after your first look is worth while. It’s quite easy to read something like ‘Unpredictable Movement’ and think that it triggers when an enemy engages you, but if you’ve got a 1″ melee and they have 2″ melee and the enemy model attacks your model from outside of 1″ it doesn’t trigger


Learn what you can do with Momentum

Momentum is a huge part of the game and represents the success of how well your team are doing throughout the game. There are a huge number of ways of using momentum from the regularly used ‘Bonus Time’ or ‘Take a Breather Lad’ to the lesser used ‘Gliding’.


When I was learning the game I printed off the couple of pages from the rule book, that had the uses of momentum on and kept them on the table so I could always check to see if I could do something with it. Once you know what you can do with momentum it then comes down to when to use it, getting charged by someone with an easy knockdown? Probably not a good choice to counter attack. Need that player to not be tackled? Consider taking a defensive stance if they charge you, the extra defense might just make the difference between getting tackled or not. Alternatively if your about to get attacked and they’re likely to take the ball of you and you’ve got a super easy tackle (a la Brisket, below), why not counter attack and take the ball back scuppering their plans if they didn’t account for it.


Goal Influence

Something I was terrible at remembering when I first started playing the game was remembering to give yourself the extra influence for scoring a goal in the previous turn. So if you score a goal you get an extra influence for the rest of the game. If you’ve scored two goals then you get two extra influence in the maintenance phase. Well worth remembering.

Goal Influence

Getting the first one gives you an 8.3% increase in influence on a 12 INF team, the 2nd bumps that up to 16.6% increase, which is effectively another players worth of influence; it can obviously be a bigger swing dependant on your team. Not to mention you’ve got 8 VP’s at that point.

Guild Plots

Start playing with Guild Plot cards as soon as possible. I made the mistake of not playing with them early on and for a while after I would keep forgetting to use them, or even look at them. They form a part of the game and you can use them to plan a goal and keep the scoring player safe in the form of ‘Don’t Touch the Hair!’ or ‘Knee Slider!’ alternatively Guild Plots like ‘Make a Game of it!’ and ‘Who Are Ya?’ can punish an unsuspecting opponent for scoring.  All of the Guild Plot cards are one use only effects so choosing te right time to use them in the game is critical.

Guild Plots

I’ve only covered a few points of the game here, but hopefully they will be invaluable and help you give you some ideas if you’re new and getting into the game.

Till next time!