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THP Podcast – Guild Identity Cards

The latest episode from The Heroic Play where Mark, Luke, Rich and Andy talk about the newly released Guild Identity Cards from Steamforged.

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THP Podcast – Life after the Errata

Welcome back sports fans!

In the latest episode of The Heroic Play podcast, Mark, Rich & Luke discuss players that we think probably deserve some changes in a future errata. We talk about mystery boxes and our upcoming tournament.

As always we welcome your feedback!

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Barreling the Brewers: Part III

The Mother of Drunks

Welcome back sports fans!

In this the 3rd article on the Brewers Guild, I am going to be covering our new Captain for the guild, none other than Esters. I started playing the Brewers after the release of Esters and Mash, so currently as a Brewers player I’m in quite happy having my new player and captain available to play already.  Recently we’ve seen the cards for the remaining four captains that haven’t been released yet.  I’d recommend listening to the inaugural episode of Singled Out Radio, available via iTunes and other podcatcher apps.  Andrew from Singled Out got an interview with Jamie Perkins about Hammer before the cards were released and it’s definitely a good listen.

Anyway let’s get back on topic regarding Esters, I have been playing Esters pretty solidly since picking up the Brewers, while I see the merits of playing Tapper, I find his playstyle telegraphs what you’re going to do a bit too much for me. Whereas with Esters she is comfortable activating in either the beginning, middle or late in a turn and still get some good work done. So without further rambling on my behalf, let’s start to look at her abilities.

esters 1

Starting with her MOV value, it’s nothing to rave about she’s fairly slow being 4”/6” MOV, while this is quite typical for bigger, slower players.  In a pinch if needed though, she can use her Empowered Voice ability to boost herself up to a more respectable 6”/8”, I will say though that it’s very rare that I put the movement buff on herself.

Moving onto Esters’ TAC, she’s got the average TAC of 5 with the glorious Brewers short playbook of four columns.  With the potential of any result she takes generating momentum if she needs it, which is pretty solid, especially when you consider how useful her Heroic Play is.

What’s nice to do with Esters is to use her to reposition an enemy model quite effectively, when you look at her playbook 2 net successes bag’s you a Momentous 1 DMG & 1″ Push. If Esters is in a position where she can move to the other side of a model then buy 3 or 4 attacks on them to push them closer to Stoker or Hooper for example, she can set them up for some stunning work.  The benefit of doing that is the sheer volume of Momentum it generates as well.  It puts you in to a strong position for activating Soothing Voice, if it’s needed, or if Hooper is about to go next then it allows him to put True Grit up before he goes in, so he can be on 8 dice (5 base, 2 for True Grit, 1 for Ganging Up) or a whopping 12 dice if he charges the target.

KICK, DEF & ARM are all average or the Brewers standard.  I’ve had Esters score a goal in the late game before, so it’s worth thinking about.  As with her movement buff, I don’t tend to find Esters is the target of her own defence buff from Empowered Voice either, when I do use it on herself, it tends to be the [+1] DMG.  I find that allows her to finish someone off if needed, or soften someone up ready for another team member to finish them off dependant on when she activates in the turn.

In terms of INF Esters bring 4 to the table and can have a maximum of 5.  Esters can be quite greedy early in the game for me, with her access to Fire Blast & Blast Earth character plays.  I sometimes find if you win priority against faster teams like the Fishermen, or to some degree the teams that want to get into melee like the Butchers it is worth her having 5 on the first turn so she can sprint forward and throw to AOE’s into the enemy team to slow them down.

esters 2

That isn’t the only use for these plays though, I’ve used an Esters and Stoker combo before to blow freshly returned players off the pitch with a combination of Fire Blast and Flame Jet from Stoker, 5 damage at range can catch an opponent off guard if they though that player was safe lurking on a flank.

Outside of the first turn activation I mentioned earlier Esters tends to be pretty neutral, she brings 4 to the party, and in most turns will probably have 3 – 4 influence allocated to her.  If she’s got wildly out of position then it might mean she only gets 1 or 2 but on the whole, 3 – 4 is a safe bet and she generally provides a good return on that investment.

esters 3

esters 4

Esters isn’t particularly fragile, having 22 boxes and Gluttonous Mass means that an opponent has got to sink a fair amount of resources into her to put her in the dirt.  Also on her playbook she has quite easy access to either a 1” Push or a Knockdown, I’m pointing this out because it makes her a good player to Counter Attack with.  If you’re opponent comes in on a charge, and Gluttonous Mass hasn’t been used up yet, she’s safe from the Charge result so swing away with the Counter Attack, 3 success get you a Knockdown, while you only need 1 net success to get a 1” Push, which if you’re opponent hasn’t planned properly could scupper their plans.

esters 5

This ability is what makes Esters such a great toolbox Captain, it doesn’t cost you any influence and she can buff one player or herself each turn.  Hooper loves getting any of these abilities thrown out on him. Want him to go further? Easy.  Hit harder? Got it covered.  Frustrate your opponent with their inability to harm him? Got that covered too. With Hooper having Tough Skin available to him he can go to an unpleasant DEF 4+ and ARM 2.  Obviously most players like any of the 3 buffs that Esters can give out, so the decision is generally led by what’s happening in the turn. In some respects, Esters is the enabler of the team, she can make a lot happen, in conjunction with Spigot the Brewers can get a whole lot faster.

esters 7

It makes sense to cover off Esters’ Legendary play while we are discussing Empowered Voice as it allows Esters to use it three, yes THREE times.  Stunning really, it can cause all sorts of trouble for your opponent when Esters goes first and pops her legendary at the start of the turn.  A common use of it for me is to move Esters into position and throw out [+1] DMG on Hooper, Stoker & Spiggot and then really bringing the pain train in to the station of the opposing team.  It can be useful to throw out different ‘songs’ at the same time, for example I’ve thrown, damage out on Hooper, defence on Stoker because he was looking a bit sorry for himself, and a speed buff on Friday so she could get to the ball.

esters 6

Finally, we move on to Esters’ heroic play, Soothing Voice, this a really nice ability.  I find that Esters for the majority of the game Esters holds a very mid-field position, which can make this ability save you a lot of Momentum during the turn if Esters activates mid-late in the turn.  I played a game in a local tournament recently where I had Esters, Friday, Hooper and Spigot all suffering from a mix of conditions (playing against Alchemists, go figure…) and with a cost of only one Momentum, Esters was able to move into a good spot, make an attack on Katalyst, take a momentous result, I think I got 1 or 2 successes so it was either a 1” Push or 1 DMG & 1” Push, so was then able to use Soothing Voice and clear all of the Conditions from my team and get some healing in to boot. Nice!!  Outside of similar situations to this Soothing Voice doesn’t get used every turn but it is well worth remembering as part of your toolbox though.

Overall Esters is probably one of the most fun Captain’s to play in my opinion, by having some good ranged options and a really solid playbook she can almost always contribute something to the turn.  I think positioning her properly is a big part of playing her successfully. There were a few occassions when I started using her that I forgot to throw out Empowered Voice before moving off so the target I wanted to get the buff wasn’t in range.  Also who doesn’t like big bosomed girls eh?

Till next time!

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Barreling the Brewers: Part II

The Ignominious Drunk

Welcome to this week’s article on everyone’s favourite Ignominious Drunk, Spigot.  The bottle wielding, football hooligan that no Brewer’s team should leave the dugout without (in my humble opinion anyway). Spigot is one of the players that always make my first team.  While Scum is actually the Mascot for the Brewers, Spigot is such a force multiplier for the team that I am just as likely to take him.  So let’s start by taking a look at his core stats.

Spiggot 1

So unlike some of his team Spigot is relatively quick with a decent MOV value at 5″/8″ with the potential of getting quicker through Esters or with his Heroic Play, which I’ll cover later. Next is his TAC of 5, which is average but he can bump it up to 7 if the target is knocked down via Floored. Also he benefits from the Brewer playbook of 4 columns long so can wrap easier.

Spiggot 6

Spigot has a really reliable KICK score for a Brewer being 3/6″ but always actually being 4/7″ as he benefits from his own Football Legend ability, which is a 4″ aura that grants +1/+1″ KICK to friendly players. This is one of the abilities that in my opinion makes Spigot really stand out. It allows him to support other players or be a really credible goal threat in his own right.

Spiggot 5
This ability allows a receiving Brewers team to grab the ball, move up the field ready to strike next turn and reliably generate enough momentum to win priority by passing the ball between themselves. If I’m receiving the ball I tend to have Spigot go and fetch it, then start with him passing the ball to another player, from this point you should be able to get the whole team to at some point be within 4″ of him so they benefit from the aura.  Football Legend is such a boon for players like Mash & Friday making them incredible and shooting for the goal, Mash can get up to 6/9″ KICK if needed and Friday can get up to 6/11″. Getting to that level with Friday needs more momentum though. I’ve used is a late game closer before though.

Spiggot 4

His DEF and ARM are the Brewer’s standard of 3+/1, with 16 boxes, slightly higher than the average player. Moving on he is pretty typical in terms of Influence with a respectble 2/4 stat, this does allow you to load him up with 4 influence and send him into some poor sap on the floor and really ruin their day.  So to see how he ruins people’s day we should really look at his playbook.  As I mentioned before Spigot’s playbook is only 4 columns long, but it has tons of great choices.

Spiggot 2

What’s not to like eh? Over half of his choices are momentous, and all of them are good in my mind.  If you need him to play football he’s got a momentous tackle on one success, or easy access to damage.  It’s worth noting he’s got the play Ball’s Gone! on two successes.  While this is useful, I don’t tend to use it and generally take momentous tackle, then attempt to pass the ball to somebody.  It’s worth remembering though because at some point it’ll be more useful than a tackle and a pass.

Spiggot 3

Like most Brewers Spigot can kick out plenty of damage, with 2 damage on 2 successes, an access to Tooled Up he can crank out the damage himself or help to buff those around him further.  In my experience if Spigot is going into melee he is joining it later so benefits from some ganging up normally which means he can get potential charge pools of 11+ dice if the opponent is on the floor.  With a playbook only 4 long it can mean you can wrap more than once, scary!

Spiggot 7

So earlier on I spoke briefly about Spigot’s ability to buff his movement, well it’s not only his movement but all those of the team around him.  Well worth using, it’s a nice straight forward Heroic Play, that brings some extra speed to what can be a slower than average team in some cases.  If your opponent is unfamiliar with this Heroic it might enable you to catch them out get a charge off that they weren’t expecting.

That pretty much wraps it up really, all in all Spigot is a great player; more than capable of filling a gap where you need it.

Till next time!

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Barreling the Brewers: Part I


I started out this year playing Fishermen, as I was playing them in the Figo Cup League I was running at our local store; my intention was to try and play the Fishermen exclusively for most of the year.  That plan failed… I managed to play them all the way through January while we were finishing up the League and some other casual games.  After the league finished however then the butterflies set in and I was ready to hop faction again, so I moved onto my new Guild.  No guessing what it is based off the title of the article, so here we go into the Brewers.


In my mind the Brewer’s are in quite a fortunate position as we’ve already got our Season 2 Captain in Esters and our new player Mash, both of which are frankly amazing in my opinion.  I’ve played quite a few games with the Brewers since deciding to pick them up and play them.  In this series of articles I’m going to go through some team line-ups that I’ve been playing and discuss what I find to be good and bad as I go through the games.

The Team

Since I started playing the Brewers I’ve been using experimenting with a ‘Tournament 8’ of Esters, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Mash, Spiggot, Stave & Stoker and have had some good success so far, which leads me on to the subject for the remainder of this article.

Stoker p8

Yes, Stoker! The Human Ball of Fire himself.  When I first saw Esters card, I thought that Stoker would fit well in her team; and boy does he.

Let’s have a bit of a look at his vitals first.  So MOV 4″/6″ is slow, but you can get around that with Esters leading the team, boosting him up to 6″/8″ if needed.  When he gets to this level then he’s something to worry about.  On his card he is listed as a Defensive Midfielder and from what I’ve seen so far he fits that roll pretty well.  I generally only give him the 1 influence he generates on the 1st turn to get him moving up the pitch so he can be more useful next turn.  Sometimes he gets 2 if you received the ball and he’s in a position where he might be able to get to it.

Moving onto his TAC which is 5, pretty average there. Howevr he benefits from the trait that most of the Brewers have of having a playbook 1 column shorter than his TAC value, which means it’s easier for him to wrap around, when he’s in a situation where he can roll more dice, like when he charges or if him and some mates are ganging up on someone.

The kick value is good at 3/6″.  I’ve used him to score in a game or two, there isn’t a great deal more to say abot in really.

Defense and Armour, Stoke sits at a 3+ with 2 Armour, which is brilliant in my eyes.  It’s better on average than 4+ with 1 Armour vs another a TAC 5 opponent.  On average said TAC 5 opponent will score 1 hit on Stoker, whereas they would score 2 hits against a 4+/1 Arm player. Result.

Stoker only brings 1 influence to the table under normal circumstances but can be allocated up to 4, which means he can start to throw out a real beating and do a lot if needed.  If you’ve also got Stave in your line up and Stoker starts the turn within 4″ then he gets Tactical Advice [Stave] taking him to 2/5 influence which is superb.

Stoker p3

Now we’ll take a bit of a look at Stoker’s playbook and I’ll go through a few things I’ve found while playing him that are really cool.  As previously mentioned his playbook is only 4 columns long so he can wrap that bit easier as well.

Stoker p9

So I love the Momentous 2″ push on 1 success with Stoker.  It’s great for the counter attack.  It’s also great if you are already engaging your target but they are benefitting from cover.  Make your first attack, push them out of cover. Then advance back up into melee with them and you’re back up to your full TAC.  It works the same if he’s being crowded out, push one of the enemies 2″ away; if they weren’t in base to base with him then they aren’t engaging anymore and you’re back to your full TAC to smack the main target.  Then we move onto his damage results, he’s got damage on 1, 3 & 4 successes.  It’s not the best, but I’ve found it works well enough. Especially when you factor in the next part of his card. Burning Passion, Stoker gains a damage buff if his opponent is burning.

Stoker p5

Stoker has plenty of ways of setting people on fire, whether it’s Molotov (see below), using his Heroic Play or by somebody else setting them on fire for him (see Esters).  It can start to rack up quite quickly, if you’re willing to really telegraph your intent to your opponent; which can be bad thing as they may be able to avoid it, but if they can’t.  Esters could set the target on fire for Stoker, then throw out her Empowering Voice for a further +1 DMG, Stoker is looking at 3 damage on 1 success, 4 on 3 successes and a whopping 5 on 4 success.

Stoker p7

I spoke about using his Heroic Play to get people burning.  I’ve never really found it necessary to spend the Momentum and suffer the 4 damage to be able to set people on fire.  It’s still early days, so maybe down the line it’ll become a more viable tactic.

Stoker p6

So here ends the lesson on why I don’t leave home with out my Human Ball of Fire in Stoker. I hope new and old players find my article interesting and informative.  I’ve got to decide who to talk about next.  If you fancy me talking about a player from the Brewers then drop us a comment below.

Till next time!