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THP Podcast – Post SteamCon and Blacksmiths

Mark, Rich and Luke talk about the 2nd box of the Blacksmiths, what a Blacksmiths 10 look like in our eyes.  As well as Post SteamCon thoughts and some other chat in general.

Enjoy and as always we welcome feedback.

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THP Podcast – Guide to the Guilds Blacksmiths

Join Mark, Luke and Rich as we carry on with our Guide to the Guilds series, featuring the new Blacksmiths which are currently available for early release at GenCon 50!  This is the first 6 players from the Blacksmiths Guild we will likely do an update piece when more of them get released!

For the rest of us it looks like we have to wait till SteamCon UK in November to get our hands on the Blacksmiths. We hope you enjoy the episode and that it gets you excited for the latest Guild to take the pitch!

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