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Learning to Play Dead: Part II

Not Just a Crazy Goth!

Me again, with another sideways view on one of my favourite Guild Ball models; Cosset!

If you have read my 1st article, then you know I tend to take a lot of risks and I definitely see the Morticians as a guild that has hidden scoring power. When I play, I enjoy the ability to put out a decent amount of damage with Spookhampton F.C. but also how an unexpected model can get in for a cheeky goal if required.

I think it’s fair to say that every Morticians player I have gone up against uses Cosset to pile damage on in the first instance or to drag people around with Lure. I see her having a third function and it’s very much situational but extremely effective if it comes off. Also, because most people see Cosset as a damage dealing crazy goth, they don’t expect her to swoop in and go striker.

Vital Statistics

 photo cosset front.png photo cosset back.png

The Obvious Things First

2 INF and a free charge (see Furious), that’s three attacks!

7”/9” MOV means that she threatens on 10” with her free charge and 1″ melee

Going crazy gives TAC 7, which translates to 11 on a charge!

Momentous 2 damage on 2 successes and 3 Momentous damage on 4 is Butcher levels of damage! In fact, lets compare that to my beloved Butchers guild.

Lets remind ourselves of Cossets playbook;

cosset 1

Ox has 2 Momentous damage on 4 successes and 3 Momentous on 6 and Brisket has momentus 2 on 2 successes but no 3!

 photo oxbrisket.png

Boiler has a Momentous 2 on 2 and has 3 Momentous damage on 5 and Meathook has momentus 2 on 3 successes and momentus 3 on 6!

 photo boilermeathook.png

Boar and Shank have exactly the same as Cosset!

 photo shankboar.png

All the damage that Cosset can do is [+1] DMG when within 4” of Dirge. 3 Momentous for 2 successes? Play Rage alongside her and then throw Tooled Up on her for 4 Momentous damage for 2 successees and 5 Momentous for 4? Beautiful!!

The Not So Obvious Things

Tackle on 3 successes

Momentous 1” dodge on 2 successes

2/6” kick. (50% odds or 75% probability of getting at least 1 4+ on 2D6)

So why have I highlighted her Tackle, Dodge & Kick?

I used to get blinkered by go take out that player! But the truth is that 2vp’s are ace are 4 vp’s better. And in the latter stages of the game and around 8 vp’s it’s a win or having to manufacture another score. So its in this final part of the game between 8-10vps where Cosset switches roles for me into a proper winger. I use her to lurk and try to get the ball for a pass or even a shot on goal.

Before I really get into this, heres the fantastic Ozball Tac vs Def reference sheet. This will become relevant in a minute 😉

So, lets get in to this!

Lets say that I’m playing against a Butchers player who has the ball on Princess somewhere near the goal. Lets say 6.5” inches away. He has turtled up but I can charge Princess because Obulus used Puppet Master to move her nearer to the goal for me to get the charge.

Lets also assume that Obulus has stolen Momentum in his turn from the Butchers and Cosset has 3 momentum to play with.

Going For Goal!

Cosset goes Crazy and charges Princess to be the goal side of her.

Tac 11 charge against Princess with Def 4/1 nets an average of 5 successes. (Even if Princess ‘Defensive Stance’, you are still likely to get an average of 3 successes, which is enough. ‘Bonus Time’ the charge to make sure.)

I’ll take the Tackle

Buy an attack.

Tac 7 vs. Def 4/1 gives an average of 3 successes

I’ll take the 1” dodge toward goal

I’m now out of Princess’s 1” melee, with the ball and can take a shot with ‘Bonus Time’  with my remaining influence. My 3 Dice shot is a 87.5% probability of success.

Boom! GOAL! Play ‘Temple of Love’ by The Sisters of Mercy loudly and celebrate!

Squishly Little Goth?

Theres no denying that Cosset is the very definition of a glass hammer and you should prepare yourself for losing her in several of your matches. Her Def: 4 and 12 health isn’t great and once she gets knocked down or has her Def reduced any other way she goes down faster than <insert mum joke here.>

However, heres some ideas to keep her alive.


She has a reasonable kick so if she passes, use momentum to ‘Give ‘n Go’ get her away from the main fight until shes ready to engage.

Don’t go for take outs on players with full health unless you have managed that situation where you are sure its going to work. Use her to finish off injured ones as a preference. Chances are that 1 or more players are there already so that might give crowding out penalties that may save her.

Don’t be afraid to use ‘C’mon mate!’ with other characters to get her health back up if required.

She has a fantastic range to charge at 10″ melee so she can afford to hold back a bit and let Fangtooth, Casket or Ghast take the brunt of it and then come swooping in to finish the job.

The key I think is to stop thinking of her as the player that starts the damage but rather as the player that finishes them off. Last thing any Furious player (Morticians have Cosset, Rage or Minx) wants is to charge in and then get stuck engaged as this means that free charge is wasted next activation and you have to manufacture it with dodges or pushes.

Rather let Ghast start the ball rolling, then swoop in to finish the job.

The Conclusiony Bit!

Cosset should be a mid to late activation throughout the game

In the early game, (0-4VP’s) she should focus on finishing people off or going for a straight take out on low HP player or a low Def one if Tooled Up and within 4” of Dirge.

In the mid game (4-8VP’s) her role should remain the same but if the opportunity to pass the ball up field or go for goal, she should consider it.

In the late game (8-10VP’s), she should be looking for either the last take out or the chance to go for goal.

Cosset is an extremely versatile player and if played with care, can generate you 6+ vps in a game. She is an auto-include in my team as a result.

Hope this gets you thinking about everyones favourite Goth and how she can close a game out in other ways than that last 2VP take out.

Much love

Von Tizzle

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Barreling the Brewers: Part III

The Mother of Drunks

Welcome back sports fans!

In this the 3rd article on the Brewers Guild, I am going to be covering our new Captain for the guild, none other than Esters. I started playing the Brewers after the release of Esters and Mash, so currently as a Brewers player I’m in quite happy having my new player and captain available to play already.  Recently we’ve seen the cards for the remaining four captains that haven’t been released yet.  I’d recommend listening to the inaugural episode of Singled Out Radio, available via iTunes and other podcatcher apps.  Andrew from Singled Out got an interview with Jamie Perkins about Hammer before the cards were released and it’s definitely a good listen.

Anyway let’s get back on topic regarding Esters, I have been playing Esters pretty solidly since picking up the Brewers, while I see the merits of playing Tapper, I find his playstyle telegraphs what you’re going to do a bit too much for me. Whereas with Esters she is comfortable activating in either the beginning, middle or late in a turn and still get some good work done. So without further rambling on my behalf, let’s start to look at her abilities.

esters 1

Starting with her MOV value, it’s nothing to rave about she’s fairly slow being 4”/6” MOV, while this is quite typical for bigger, slower players.  In a pinch if needed though, she can use her Empowered Voice ability to boost herself up to a more respectable 6”/8”, I will say though that it’s very rare that I put the movement buff on herself.

Moving onto Esters’ TAC, she’s got the average TAC of 5 with the glorious Brewers short playbook of four columns.  With the potential of any result she takes generating momentum if she needs it, which is pretty solid, especially when you consider how useful her Heroic Play is.

What’s nice to do with Esters is to use her to reposition an enemy model quite effectively, when you look at her playbook 2 net successes bag’s you a Momentous 1 DMG & 1″ Push. If Esters is in a position where she can move to the other side of a model then buy 3 or 4 attacks on them to push them closer to Stoker or Hooper for example, she can set them up for some stunning work.  The benefit of doing that is the sheer volume of Momentum it generates as well.  It puts you in to a strong position for activating Soothing Voice, if it’s needed, or if Hooper is about to go next then it allows him to put True Grit up before he goes in, so he can be on 8 dice (5 base, 2 for True Grit, 1 for Ganging Up) or a whopping 12 dice if he charges the target.

KICK, DEF & ARM are all average or the Brewers standard.  I’ve had Esters score a goal in the late game before, so it’s worth thinking about.  As with her movement buff, I don’t tend to find Esters is the target of her own defence buff from Empowered Voice either, when I do use it on herself, it tends to be the [+1] DMG.  I find that allows her to finish someone off if needed, or soften someone up ready for another team member to finish them off dependant on when she activates in the turn.

In terms of INF Esters bring 4 to the table and can have a maximum of 5.  Esters can be quite greedy early in the game for me, with her access to Fire Blast & Blast Earth character plays.  I sometimes find if you win priority against faster teams like the Fishermen, or to some degree the teams that want to get into melee like the Butchers it is worth her having 5 on the first turn so she can sprint forward and throw to AOE’s into the enemy team to slow them down.

esters 2

That isn’t the only use for these plays though, I’ve used an Esters and Stoker combo before to blow freshly returned players off the pitch with a combination of Fire Blast and Flame Jet from Stoker, 5 damage at range can catch an opponent off guard if they though that player was safe lurking on a flank.

Outside of the first turn activation I mentioned earlier Esters tends to be pretty neutral, she brings 4 to the party, and in most turns will probably have 3 – 4 influence allocated to her.  If she’s got wildly out of position then it might mean she only gets 1 or 2 but on the whole, 3 – 4 is a safe bet and she generally provides a good return on that investment.

esters 3

esters 4

Esters isn’t particularly fragile, having 22 boxes and Gluttonous Mass means that an opponent has got to sink a fair amount of resources into her to put her in the dirt.  Also on her playbook she has quite easy access to either a 1” Push or a Knockdown, I’m pointing this out because it makes her a good player to Counter Attack with.  If you’re opponent comes in on a charge, and Gluttonous Mass hasn’t been used up yet, she’s safe from the Charge result so swing away with the Counter Attack, 3 success get you a Knockdown, while you only need 1 net success to get a 1” Push, which if you’re opponent hasn’t planned properly could scupper their plans.

esters 5

This ability is what makes Esters such a great toolbox Captain, it doesn’t cost you any influence and she can buff one player or herself each turn.  Hooper loves getting any of these abilities thrown out on him. Want him to go further? Easy.  Hit harder? Got it covered.  Frustrate your opponent with their inability to harm him? Got that covered too. With Hooper having Tough Skin available to him he can go to an unpleasant DEF 4+ and ARM 2.  Obviously most players like any of the 3 buffs that Esters can give out, so the decision is generally led by what’s happening in the turn. In some respects, Esters is the enabler of the team, she can make a lot happen, in conjunction with Spigot the Brewers can get a whole lot faster.

esters 7

It makes sense to cover off Esters’ Legendary play while we are discussing Empowered Voice as it allows Esters to use it three, yes THREE times.  Stunning really, it can cause all sorts of trouble for your opponent when Esters goes first and pops her legendary at the start of the turn.  A common use of it for me is to move Esters into position and throw out [+1] DMG on Hooper, Stoker & Spiggot and then really bringing the pain train in to the station of the opposing team.  It can be useful to throw out different ‘songs’ at the same time, for example I’ve thrown, damage out on Hooper, defence on Stoker because he was looking a bit sorry for himself, and a speed buff on Friday so she could get to the ball.

esters 6

Finally, we move on to Esters’ heroic play, Soothing Voice, this a really nice ability.  I find that Esters for the majority of the game Esters holds a very mid-field position, which can make this ability save you a lot of Momentum during the turn if Esters activates mid-late in the turn.  I played a game in a local tournament recently where I had Esters, Friday, Hooper and Spigot all suffering from a mix of conditions (playing against Alchemists, go figure…) and with a cost of only one Momentum, Esters was able to move into a good spot, make an attack on Katalyst, take a momentous result, I think I got 1 or 2 successes so it was either a 1” Push or 1 DMG & 1” Push, so was then able to use Soothing Voice and clear all of the Conditions from my team and get some healing in to boot. Nice!!  Outside of similar situations to this Soothing Voice doesn’t get used every turn but it is well worth remembering as part of your toolbox though.

Overall Esters is probably one of the most fun Captain’s to play in my opinion, by having some good ranged options and a really solid playbook she can almost always contribute something to the turn.  I think positioning her properly is a big part of playing her successfully. There were a few occassions when I started using her that I forgot to throw out Empowered Voice before moving off so the target I wanted to get the buff wasn’t in range.  Also who doesn’t like big bosomed girls eh?

Till next time!