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THP Podcast – Sheffield Team Championship

In this episode of The Heroic Play podcast Mark, Luke & Andy head to the Sheffield Team Tournament for the Steve Easton’s 40th birthday!

We all had a great day and finished mid table! Better than we expected given the competition.

F%*! you’re old Steve, but we still like you!

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THP Podcast – Young’s Summer Smackdown

This episode was recorded at our 16-man tournament at Young’s Hobbies in Coventry.  We grabbed players after each round and asked them how their games went, and also their thoughts on the recent errata, which had dropped the day before!

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THP Podcast – Guide to the Guilds (Butchers)

In this episode we carry on our Guide to the Guilds series and focus on the Butchers Guild.  We were joined by Team Pug member Russell McElroy.

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THP Podcast – Guide to the Guilds (Brewers)

More ‘lost episode’ content, this is where we discuss the Brewers in our second episode of Guide to the Guild series.  I’m pretty sure we were joined by Graeme for this one.

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THP Podcast – Guide to the Guilds (Alchemists)

The first in our Guide to the Guilds series, Max, Mark & Andy discuss the Alchemists guild playstyle, background and which players we’d take.  Spoiler – this was pre-errata.

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THP Podcast – What’s new pussy cat?

Some more ‘lost episode’ content, I think this is when the season 3 rulebook dropped and we got info on all the new Farmers players and the few players that were still unseen in Season 3.

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THP Podcast – So you’ve got to kick of eh kid?

This is the first podcast we recorded, with Mark & Dave discussing if you have to kick off, how to make the most of it.  This episode was recorded in Season 2 from memory, so some of it may be a bit out of date, but there is still some good bits in there.

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THP Podcast – The secret to getting ahead is getting started!

This is a re-hash by Max, Andy & Mark of the first episode we recorded, it discusses the first turn and if you have to kick how to make the most of it.


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THP Podcast – Lost the plot?!

Another podcast that got lost, we’ve got a few it would seem!

Andy, Mark & Max discuss the season 3 plot cards and which ones we like to pick, which ones we don’t, and the ones that sometimes make the cut.